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parts supply

Total Supplier in Power Distribution and Control field

Package supply of necessary parts whoever the maker is.

Teratec is handling to supply not only single parts such as breaker and printed circuit module but also various parts used in switchboards, control panels and distribution panels equipped in the ship and industry facility and further various parts such as various electric devices and sensors relating with these electric facilities. Teratec is able to prepare not only the parts of Terasaki products but also various parts which customer requires in a lump whoever the maker is. In case of obsolete model, Teratec suggests suitable substitute.

Scope of supply
  • Air circuit breaker, Molded case circuit breaker
  • Printed circuit module
  • Internal parts for switchboards
  • Sensor, transmitter and external parts for switchboards
  • Other electrical and electronic parts
Supply description
  • Supply of new model parts
  • Selection and supply of substitute parts & devices
parts supply