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Teratec (USA) Inc., newly established company as a subsidiary of Teratec Ltd. (Japan) is pleased to provide various services mainly for the marine products of Terasaki Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan) representing followings.
・ Power distribution systems such as Main switchboards, Emergency switchboards, Group starter panels, Feeder panels etc.
・ Air circuit breakers as the vital circuit breakers equipped in Main switchboards.
・ Generator Automatic Control system (GAC)
・ Engine control console
・ Engine alarm monitoring system (AMS)
And also Teratec (USA) Inc. is pleased to provide various parts used in above products and systems and to provide technical support to Alternative Maritime power system (AMP) in Port of Los Angels which is closed to our office.
Teratec (USA) Inc. is, of course, the member of Terasaki GLOBAL SERVICE NETWORK and is doing service job activities contributing customer satisfaction in the sense of Life Cycle Support.